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ART is Open Source Software, see license for more info.

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Features Overview

  • Provide live data via a web browser (table/crosstab, graphs, spreadsheets, pdf)
  • Group queries/graphs in a single portal-like page (dashboards)
  • Schedule queries, publish or send results via e-mail
  • Build rules to dynamically filter query results based on user
  • Drill Down, Cached Results, Enable your information via RSS
  • Leverage on LDAP, Active Directory or other existing authentication systems
  • Simple to install, administer and use
  • Open, platform independent, free

From a Simple Query to a Business Intelligence Solution

Once an SQL query is ready, it can be published through ART in a few minutes. Authorised users can login, specify parameters (text, numbers, drop down List of Values), view the results in the browser, export to spreadsheet/pdf or schedule and receive the output via email.

By grouping multiple queries/charts in a single portal-like page, multiple business metrics can be displayed in a single screen (Dashboard).

There is no need to read tonnes of documents or edit huge xml files; end users can start using ART with no training, while just standard SQL is needed for a developer to be productive.


ART is a Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) web application. You can install it in any servlet container (servlet 2.5+/JSP 2.1+ compliant). Any Operating System with a Java Virtual Machine (1.6 or above) can be used to run ART. Any modern browser can be used to view ART.

ART leverages other Open Source technologies including: Quartz scheduling engine, Apache POI to create MS Excel files, JCIFS to provide MS Windows domain authentication, iText for PDF output, cewolf/JFreeChart for graphs, TinyMCE for in-browser html editor, JasperReports runtime to run JasperReports, jQuery and AjaxTags for Ajax enabled components.

ART comes with an embedded database (HSQLDB) to store query definitions, users, privileges, databases to connect to etc. This is the ART Repository and it can use other databases to store this information e.g. Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, CUBRID.

Queries can be based on any database where a JDBC driver is available.

What ART is not

The objective of ART is simplicity: once you have an SQL query you can let users access information in a matter of minutes.

What is missed if compared to a commercial Business Intelligence solution?
Look and feel might not be as attractive, but for most scenarios... it just works!