ART stands for A Reporting Tool.

ART is a lightweight, multi-platform, web application that enables quick deployment of SQL query results. It has features that make it a simple yet effective reporting and business intelligence solution.

Download the latest version directly or view all the available downloads from here.

Once an SQL query is ready, it can be published through ART in a few minutes. Authorised users can then log in and view the results in the browser, export to spreadsheet/pdf or schedule and receive the output via email.

Some of the features of ART include

  • Providing reports via a web browser
  • A number of report types including tabular reports and charts
  • A number of output formats including xlsx and pdf
  • The ability to have multiple reports in a single portal-like page (dashboards)
  • Schedule reports – publish or send results via email
  • Use LDAP, Active Directory or other existing authentication systems
  • Simple to install, administer and use
  • Open source

ART is a Java EE web application. You can run it on any operating system that has java, and use any modern browser to view and manage reports. You can get detailed installation instructions here.

ART is available in a number of languages, but you can translate it into your own language by following the instructions available here.