ART 2.5.4 (2016-12-29)

  • Added Lithuanian translation
  • Added Polish translation
  • Updated German translation
  • Minor css updates

ART 2.5.3 (2015-05-31)

  • Fix for incorrect handling of ” in parameter value
  • Fix for numbers not sorting correctly in Italian locale
  • Fix for error when using Conditional Email Output (Inline) jobs
  • Fix for null pointer exception when clob field (e.g. varchar(max)) is null
  • Fix for error when running a job that uses a jXLS spreadsheet query
  • Fix for IllegalArgumentException when using Tomcat 7.0.57+ or 8.0.15+
  • Included German translation (thanks to Carsten Pohle)

ART 2.5.2 (2013-05-31)

  • Fix for error when drill down column has a null value
  • Updated French translation (thanks to Eric Lemesre)
  • Minor html tag corrections (thanks to Eric Lemesre)
  • Left align text in htmlDataTable and htmlPlain view modes
  • Added DataTable translations for Spanish and Portuguese
  • Allow display of 0 for numbers when value is null
  • Allow chained parameter lov to use dynamic datasource filter
  • Left align first column text in crosstab queries

ART 2.5.1 (2013-04-07)

  • Added Portuguese translation (thanks to Edson Richter)
  • Added Spanish translation (thanks to Carlos Narvaez)
  • Updated French translation (thanks to Eric Lemesre)
  • Allow custom path for export files (thanks to ckb)
  • Enable display of blank space instead of “null” for null fields (thanks to ckb)
  • Fix for query name truncated to 25 characters
  • Fix for start query not displaying
  • Fix for invalid drill down queries link
  • Fix for not being able to define email jobs in Italian and Portuguese locales
  • Added some 2D charts
  • Allow use of jndi datasources
  • Allow rename and move of queries from the query management console
  • Allow xy chart to have multiple series
  • Have show results inline as an application setting
  • Enable show/hide of parameters box
  • Allow specification of random start time for jobs
  • Made graph x-axis label rotate and remove options configurable per query
  • Automatically compile all subreports in a jasper report
  • Added separate field for uploading subreports used by a jasper report
  • Updated jasperreports to 5.0.1

ART 2.5 (2013-01-18)

  • Fix for invalid publish job link on linux when reminder email specified
  • Support for running DDL/DML statements before query’s select statement
  • Support for displaying a query in the start page
  • Fix for non-ascii values not being saved properly in some admin pages (thanks to Edson Richter)
  • Renamed “Objects” to “Queries” and “Object Groups” to “Query Groups”
  • Support for case sensitive operators for dynamic queries
  • Allow use of decimals when specifying y axis range
  • Support for archiving publish job results
  • Removed published files retention period setting
  • Allow scheduling of heat maps
  • Allow use of default parameter values without specifying parameters in the url
  • Allow dashboards to use multi parameters
  • Moved some application settings from the web.xml file to the settings page